Knowledge by doing

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The outer affects the inner. Behavior shapes your psyche as much as the other way around. – AJ Jacobs, The Year of Living Biblically When I was doing my Ancient Wisdom Project experiments, it was important that I didn’t just read about ancient wisdom, but that I actually physically performed something. That meant meditating, taking ice

Can you be a Stoic manager?

Matthew Crawford writes in his book, Shopcraft as Soulcraft, that the corporate manager is highly dependent on managing perceptions to be successful. It’s a relationship game As a result, managers have to spend a good part of the day “managing what other people think of them.” With a sense of being on probation that never

The art of wanting

By Erica

A few months ago, I wrote about our family’s quest to decide where to live: Northern Virginia or Portland, Oregon.

The quest continues.

We spent a week in the Portland area in March. It was chaotic—sustaining a toddler’s schedule while visiting with friends and family (and indulging in some nights out) made for a whirlwind week.