Is life going great or terribly?

Our brains like to make stories that make our experiences coherent. For example, if you graduate college and get a job at a reputable company, your brain might lump you into the “young professional” bucket and the extent to which you are psychologically content will be determined by how closely your experiences align with that script.

Post-Election Advice: Love your enemy as your enemy

Over the past year my Facebook feed has been loaded with lots of partisan posts, and, because I disgaree with the political views of most of my Facebook friends, this generally irritated me. Now that the election is over, I’m hoping we can move past this animosity and get back to normal. But, I expect this is unrealistic

My favorite personal development blogs and how ancient wisdom makes them better

I started The Ancient Wisdom Project because I was getting frustrated with most of the advice the popular personal development/lifestyle design bloggers were espousing. I decided that ancient wisdom traditions would have time-tested practices and philosophies that would be better that anything some 30-year old would have to say about making your life better and more

Finding community at … McDonalds?

My goal for my Judaism month was to discover why Judaism fosters such a strong sense of community, despite being the religion of a very small minority of the global population. It was a fascinating month, and it made me wonder how secular, non-Jewish people could purposely find a community to join or cultivate one. So, of

Case Study: How Stoic ice baths helped a student reduce anxiety and procrastination

Anika reached out to me earlier this year asking to participate in the AWP Reader Experiments challenge I advertised earlier this year. As a 22-year old graduate student in Pune, India, she felt that she needed ancient wisdom to help her with a few things most of us struggle with: anxiety, procrastination, and a shortage

Reader Case Study: How a Skeptic Learned to Benefit From Organized Religion

Earlier this year I offered readers the opportunity to take on a customized ancient wisdom projects that would help them explore or address an issue or problem they were interested in. Several courageous readers took me up on the offer and I am in the process of turning their experiences into case studies. Lara offers

You are defined by your enemies

In a recent post, Scott Adams, the author of the Dilbert comic strip wrote this little gem: Our brains did not evolve to give us truth. Our brains simply evolved to give us little movies that we treat as truth. Now here is a passage from the Bhagavad Gita: One believes he is the slayer, another believes