Why Stoicism?

I chose Stoicism as my first Ancient Wisdom experiment because at the time, I felt very little control over my life. Though my job was fine, it wasn’t satisfying, and many things, big and small, began to irritate me. I wanted to learn how to be tranquil regardless of my circumstances, and to gain greater control of my mind, if not my external circumstances. | Expand


Live in accordance with nature through reason. Observing and controlling your judgments of events is the primary path to harmony and freedom.


  • Founded in 3rd Century BCE Athens
  • Founded by Zeno of Citium
  • Became one of the most adopted philosophies in ancient Greece and Rome
  • Was practiced by former slaves like Epictetus, wealthy statesmen like Seneca, and even the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

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The Enchiridion by Epictetus

enchiridionEpictetus was a slaved turned Stoic philosopher who wrote succinct guidelines for living life by Stoic principles.

Letters from a Stoic by Seneca

letters-stoicSeneca was a statements and advisor to the Roman Emperor Nero who documents much of his Stoic philosophy is his letters to his friends.

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

meditationsAs Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius’ daily life was incredibly burdensome. His journal documents how he handled his incredible responsibilities using Stoic Philosophy.

A Guide to the Good Life by William Irvine

goodlifeA professor and practicing Stoic, William Irvine provides an excellent analysis of why Stoic philosophy is still applicable to us moderns.

In a Modern World...

In contrast to modern secular life which advocates the manipulation of one’s environment to suit one’s desires, Stoics advocated a life dedicated to control only that which is within your control, namely, your mind, and to act virtuously in any circumstance you find yourself in.

Stoic Wisdom

  • Are we kind enough to save an empire?
  • When you are envious of your friend’s success
  • Can you be a Stoic manager?
  • Case Studies

  • Case Study: How Stoic ice baths helped a student reduce anxiety and procrastination
  • My 30 Day Experiment

    My Practice: Daily ice baths, and practicing "negative visualization"

  • Stoicism: Month 1 – Stoicism for Tranquility and Appreciation of the Present
  • Stoicism: Day 1 – My First Ice Bath
  • Stoicism: Day 2 – Contemplating the Impermanence of Everything
  • Stoicism: Day 3 – Travel and Escapism
  • Stoicism: Day 4 – On Becoming a Failure
  • Stoicism: Day 5 – Social Drinking
  • Stoicism: Day 6 – I want to work for Goldman Sachs
  • Stoicism: Day 7 – People Who Play Their Music Too Loudly
  • Stoicism: Day 8 – Should I take colder or longer ice baths?
  • Stoicism: Day 9 – What the Stoics think about your liberal arts degree
  • Stoicism: Day 10 – I relapsed
  • Stoicism: Day 11 – The Stoic Career Guide
  • Stoicism: Day 12 – The Stoics Would Not Instagram their Meals
  • Stoicism: Day 13 – Stoicism is Lonely
  • Stoicism: Day 14 and Week 2 Recap – Modern Tragedies
  • Stoicism: Day 15 – Is Stoicism Fun?
  • Stoicism: Day 16 – Were the Stoics Masters of Willpower?
  • Stoicism: Day 17 – On not being a pretentious ass to your friends
  • Stoicism: Day 18 – Stoic Fatalism and Goal Setting
  • Stoicism: Day 19 – Hosting a Houseguest is the Ultimate Stoic Exercise
  • Stoicism: Day 20 – Writing as Forced Reflection
  • Stoicism: Day 21 and Week 3 Recap – Stoic Relationship Advice
  • Stoicism: Day 22 – Don’t be a meathead
  • Stoicism: Day 23 – Stoicism and Godliness
  • Stoicism: Day 24 – Being Cynical About Your Job is Your Own Fault
  • Stoicism: Day 25 – Stoicism, the Absurd, and the Myth of Sisyphus
  • Stoicism: Day 26 – Overcoming Resistance when Pursuing Creative Projects
  • Stoicism: Day 27 – Watch Movies to Jumpstart Negative Visualization
  • Stoicism: Day 28 and Week 4 Recap – Don’t be a Victim
  • Stoicism: Day 29 – The Value of Repetition
  • Stoicism: Day 30 – Stoicism Month 1 Wrap-Up