A meaningful life requires flexibility and continuity

I’m still reading Henri Nouwen’s account of his time at the monastery and he keeps sharing a bunch of insights that somehow seem super relevant to my life. Nearing the latter half of his stay at the monastery, he is trying to figure out what his life should look like after he leaves. How much time

Ancient parenting techniques

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“Togetherness is easy. It’s relaxing. It flows. It’s what happens when we all stop trying to control each other’s actions and simply let each other be.” – Michaeleen Doucleff, Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us About the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful Humans. I recently read the fun book, Hunt, Gather,

Being your “best self”

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The image of human excellence I would like to offer as a counterweight to freedom thus understood is that of a powerful, independent mind working at full song. Such independence is won through disciplined attention, in the kind of action that joins us to the world. And—this is important—it is precisely those constraining circumstances that

The Genesee Diary: The Priest Who Needed to “Get Away”

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Henri Nouwen was a Dutch Catholic priest who built a reputation as spiritual leader, teacher, and writer during his lifetime. During his time as a professor at Yale Divinity School in the 1970s, he spent seven months at a Trappist Monastery, The Abbey of the Genesee, in upstate New York living as a monk. He

Knowledge by doing

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The outer affects the inner. Behavior shapes your psyche as much as the other way around. – AJ Jacobs, The Year of Living Biblically When I was doing my Ancient Wisdom Project experiments, it was important that I didn’t just read about ancient wisdom, but that I actually physically performed something. That meant meditating, taking ice

Can you be a Stoic manager?

Matthew Crawford writes in his book, Shopcraft as Soulcraft, that the corporate manager is highly dependent on managing perceptions to be successful. It’s a relationship game As a result, managers have to spend a good part of the day “managing what other people think of them.” With a sense of being on probation that never