My advice to graduates and a question for you

If you haven’t already, check out my latest post on Cal Newport’s website, Study Hacks. It’s addressed to recent college graduates (but applicable to anyone) and the primary piece of advice is to not trust anyone under 500.

Check it out.

On another note, I will be publishing my Taoism posts soon. That will be my 8th experiment since I started this project. I think I will take a break from the experiments for a little while and focus on synthesizing what I’ve learned from my time studying and practicing ancient wisdom.

My question to you is, what topics are you interested in learning about?

For example, I could extract pieces of knowledge that are applicable to careers. Or I can find material related to relationships.

My primary goal is to make ancient wisdom relevant and applicable to the life of the average modern person. So, if you have ideas that meet this criteria, please e-mail them to me or leave a comment.

Thank you all for following The Ancient Wisdom Project! I hope you’re learning as much as I have.