On a short hiatus and looking for ideas

I’m currently in the middle of putting together an application for grad school. As a result, I have¬†unfortunately been neglecting my research into my next Ancient Wisdom experiment.

This is where I can use your help.

I have already “done” Hinduism, and will start uploading those posts in the next few weeks (likely after Thanksgiving).

I am considering a few other religions/philosophies for my next experiment. Here are my ideas at the moment.

  1. Epicureanism – I would try to learn what true pleasure is and achieve it via minimalism
  2. Confucianism – I could try to improve my social relationships via Confucian rituals.
  3. Taoism – Don’t know much about it. Looks a lot like Buddhism. Thoughts?

I plan on kicking off my next experiment in December. The first few weeks I will be here in the DC area. The second few weeks I will be back in the Boston area on vacation.

If you have any ideas about what religion or philosophy I should pursue next, what I can get out of it, and how I would practice it, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it in the comments below or e-mailing me directly.



Note: I’m trying to stick to religions/philosophies that are sufficiently ancient, which I have arbitrarily decided as being at least 500 years old. I’m also trying to stick to religions/philosophies that have survived in some way until today. Thus, this rules out (for the moment) things like Mormonism and Bahai as they are not old enough and would rule out most ancient tribal practices where the tribes no longer exist in sufficient numbers.