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Don’t Pursue Promotions: Contrarian Career Advice from Ancient Sources of Wisdom

If you’re new to The Ancient Wisdom Project, I publish a post [nearly] every day recounting an experience from one  my 30-day experiments, where I select an ancient religion or philosophy and practice it for one month in order to cultivate a positive trait or virtue I find valuable.

Some of my experiments include

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  • Kevin McCoy

    Cool idea, Dale! You’ve got yourself a new reader. As a lifelong, non-practicing Catholic struggling with some of the same issues you are (and nearing 40) I am interested to learn about other philosophies and religions.

    • Thanks Kevin. I hope you find some value in my posts.

      If you’re up for it, I’d love to hear about some of the issues you’re struggling with in the comments. I imagine other readers would find it valuable too.


      • Kevin McCoy

        Mostly the same as you describe in the Study Hacks article – feeling excited, then let down over the incompleteness of the Lifestyle Design fad. Finding meaning in my work, happiness in the day-to-day and generally seeing the good in life and appreciating what I have.

  • Taylor

    Nice idea Dale. Any book in the works Dale? Or are you going to collect this diarising in another format? I imagine this would look good in print!

    • It’s definitely something I’d like to do in the future. If enough people get interested in the project then I will make a more dedicated effort to making that happen.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • Love this type of experimentation. Would enjoy chatting with you more about it in terms of learning or in terms of writing process when you get to the book-writing part. erik.vanmechelen@gmail.com

  • Hey Dale – cool ideas and nice to see that you’ve been implementing them! The same sort of deal happened with me when I started reading blogs a year back – I fell in love with the idea that I could design my life in such a way to bring about eternal happiness and excitement. Of course, life is not so simple or glamorous!

    I read through a few of your posts in your series on Stoicism. Going to try out negative visualizations. I used to think the idea of imagining life as much worse as a bit condescending — but that was because I was looking at other people’s situations to define what I thought worse was… when I apply that idea to my own life and not others, it seems to be a bit more effective and useful! Good stuff.

    Take care — Shilpa

    • Thanks Shilpa. I’d love to hear your experience with negative visualization once you get a few weeks in.