I don’t believe in God or any of the weird religious dogma. Why should I bother with ancient wisdom?

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I was never religious growing up. I’m still agnostic as far as the existence of a personal God is concerned.

But religions are far more than an intellectual belief in something that is not verifiable by science. Religion contains many important practices, rituals, and value systems that help its adherents live good and meaningful lives. Over time, religions become more and more refined; they evolve and get better.

Following these ancient practices is not a matter of “belief” in the way we understand it. It doesn’t require us to believe in a super natural white bearded guy in the sky (or the Flying Spaghetti Monster), it just requires that we show up and perform the action. No belief required.

So even if you don’t “believe” in the religious dogma, practicing and studying them can help you develop traits and virtues far more effectively than any blogger can (except for me, of course).