How can I do my own Ancient Wisdom Project?

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I suggest reading through my experiments and seeing if there are any practices you would like to replicate, but here are my general guidelines:

  1. Choose an ancient wisdom tradition that is at least 500 years old and still surviving in some form. I use the term “surviving” loosely, but try to choose something that exists in some institutional form today.
  2. Research 1-2 practices that you can reasonably perform on a daily or weekly basis over a period of 1-2 months.
  3. Collect some literature from the chosen tradition and study the particular topic.
  4. Maintain some sort of journal or notebook so that you can reflect on your experience and record any questions, problems, or benefits you have incurred.

I am considering developing a course where I help people set up their own ancient wisdom experiments. If interested, please e-mail me directly at